Presidents Report 2020

President Report 2019 - 2020

Welcome to the 22nd AGM of the Waitara Offshore Fishing Club.

Our Club continues to thrive and is in very good heart, our membership is 107 Seniors and 33 Juniors.


The Club has purchased a trailer to put all our competition gear in. This will make the setting up of our

competition quicker as all the gear will be in one place.

On behalf of the Committee and myself, I would like to thank Margaret for the work over the past two years

and all the best for the future.

All our competitions were well fished.

The Bedford Memorial, the Rosewarne Memorial and the Presidents Trophy were again very successful.

The Presidents Trophy is a new trophy for Kahawai won by Michael Clements with a 2.60kg kahawai.

The Bedford Memorial was won by Ian Arms with a 0.95kg gurnard.

The Rosewarne Memorial saw David Trinder weigh in a 5.05kg snapper

Senior points this year went to Garry Johnson 1900.11

Heaviest Snapper - Jason Pok - 10.36kg / Heaviest Snapper Ladies - Paula Hinton - 5.53kg

Heaviest Tuna - Garry Johnson - 8.18kg /  Heaviest Trevally - Michael Clements - 2.85kg

Heaviest Kahawai - Michael Clements - 2.95kg / Heaviest Kingfish - Michael Clements - 8.63kg

Heaviest Gurnard - Glenn Stewart - 1.14kg / Heaviest John Dory - Ian Arms - 2.35kg

Heaviest Tarakihi - Ian Arms - 2.10kg (record) / Heaviest Blue Cod - Garry Johnson - 2.36kg (record)

Junior points this year went to Cruz Hoeta 941.99

Junior Snapper - Cruz Hoeta - 6.71kg (record) / Junior Kahawai - Cruz Hoeta - 3.22kg (record)

Junior Gurnard - Jackson Stewart - 0.96kg (record)

Congratulations to all our winners, In total 65 members weighed in fish. 5 new club records.


We received a grant of $10,000.00 from the TET and the NPDC have indicated that they may be able to help

with funding for the boat rinse. The last meting I had with the Council was on the Monday before lockdown 

and talks are ongoing.

Once again we had a bumper open public fishing competition, there were 335 entries and 109 boats. Last year

we allowed the boats to start fishing as soon as they went in the water. Although not as spectacular it was a lot

safer. I would like to sincerely thank all the sponsors throughout the year. I do say this often that without them

we would be running a very different type of Club.

To the committee a big thank you for all your work throughout the year making our Club a very good one to be

involved in. To the members who have supported the Club and committee during the past year a huge thanks.

Good Fishing 2020/2021

Colin Oakes (President - Waitara Offshore Fishing Club)