Annual Points Comp

Senior & Junior 2020 - 2021

Proudly sponsored by Waitara Offshore Fishing Club

Angler          Snapper Trevally Kahawai  John Dory Tarakihi Blue Cod Gurnard Tuna King Fish Points 
Garry Johnson 8.89kg 2.15kg 2.57kg 2.49kg 0.86kg 2.09kg 0.90kg 6.39kg 10.76kg 1944.30
Scott Honeyfield 7.67kg 1.50kg 2.79kg   1.65kg 2.07kg 0.96kg 5.55kg 9.31kg 1703.02
Stephen Lumb 3.86kg 1.84kg 2.28kg 3.57kg  1.03kg 1.16kg 0.96kg 4.75kg  6.45kg 1627.39
Ian Arms 7.29kg 2.14kg 2.75kg 2.45kg 0.54kg 1.25kg 0.89kg 3.16kg 8.11kg 1616.20
Paul Giddy 4.66kg 2.89kg 2.34kg   0.77kg 0.65kg 0.93kg 4.90kg 6.94kg 1345.43
Willy Garlick 4.22kg 2.48kg 3.18kg   1.04kg 0.70kg 0.85kg 7.31kg    1273.02
Stuart Honeyfield 4.66kg 1.07kg 2.70kg   0.53kg 2.32kg 0.92kg 5.78kg    1214.81
Michael Clements 5.49kg 0.81kg 2.23kg 0.97kg 0.56kg 0.62kg 0.72kg 4.53kg   1015.45
Travis Hoeta 3.96kg 3.28kg 2.25kg       1.02kg   7.88kg 1015.32
Morgan Watson 7.41kg   2.01kg     2.24kg 0.52kg 5.44kg   946.45
Glenn Stewart 8.16kg 3.15kg 2.59kg       0.93kg     906.22
Noel Moratti 6.47kg 2.24kg 1.50kg       0.79kg   6.91kg 869.19
Bryan Petherick  4.32kg  2.07kg  2.39kg      0.75kg 0.97kg      816.63 
Terry Collins 4.16kg 1.80kg 2.78kg     0.66kg 0.93kg     805.49
Cruz Hoeta        J 5.82kg   2.65kg       0.95kg   6.65kg 759.56
Tom McDonald 1.53kg   3.07kg       0.72kg   9.18kg 713.76
Steve Bryant 9.51kg   2.31kg     0.48kg 0.78kg     686.15
Jacob Williams   J 4.72kg 1.63kg 2.37kg       0.89kg     669.15
Cooper Wills      J 1.25kg   2.50kg   0.74kg 0.75kg 0.88kg     658.73
Keith Mabey 5.35kg   2.58kg   0.38kg 0.86kg 0.40kg     657.76
Paula Hinton 3.44kg   2.55kg   0.93kg   0.85kg     631.10
Colin Oakes 4.95kg 0.74kg 2.43kg       0.97kg     618.30
Dave Trinder 7.23kg   2.19kg     0.72kg 0.45kg     594.88
Brilee Oakes      J 2.36kg 1.81kg 2.49kg       0.58kg     586.07
Jeff Klenner 5.14kg   2.06kg           8.50kg 570.32
Angela Withey 6.29kg   1.29kg     0.83kg 0.81kg     566.94
Ross Morresey 4.01kg 1.20kg     0.70kg   1.15kg     553.13
Brett Lewis 6.67kg   2.60kg          3.70kg    546.04 
Jack Hywood 5.75kg   2.59kg       0.81kg     544.52
Fraser Dalley 2.60kg 0.76kg 2.84kg       0.65kg     544.39
Roger Williams 4.62kg 1.52kg 1.19kg       0.70kg     530.50
Maurice Hurley 1.19kg 2.08kg 1.55kg       0.69kg     519.43
Ashton Oakes    J 2.16kg 1.00kg 2.30kg       0.66kg     510.58
Colin Macfarlane 6.67kg   1.76kg       0.73kg     487.19
Aaron Oakes 3.21kg   2.58kg       0.85kg     486.51
Don Oakes 5.10kg   1.88kg       0.89kg     482.55
Andrew Phipps 7.26kg 1.28kg         0.79kg     472.90
Tony Smith 3.39kg   1.85kg     0.59kg 0.40kg     448.04
George Collinson 2.75kg   1.98kg       0.99kg     447.70
Doug Gadsby 4.75kg   1.68kg       0.76kg     436.83
Wendy Moratti 1.84kg 1.53kg 2.15kg             410.38
Murray Dodds     2.80kg       0.88kg     409.07
David Phelan 1.87kg   2.39kg       0.66kg     406.97
Ian Tanner 6.47kg   2.37kg             396.26
Toby Freyria      J 4.05kg   2.99kg             386.78
Gary Oakes   1.83kg 2.23kg             375.95
Natalie Avery 7.37kg   1.76kg             368.95
Lennox Mabey    J 0.87kg   2.21kg       0.62kg     361.71
Dwayne Avery 1.69kg 0.99kg 1.96kg             346.46
Charmaine Hoeta             0.86kg   6.68kg 342.79
Maree Kingi 3.03kg   2.76kg             342.37
Paige Mabey     J 4.97kg   2.12kg             338.23
Julie Searancke 1.48kg   3.15kg             335.53
Krystal Oakes 3.92kg   2.35kg             331.37
Rodney Gillum 1.15kg 1.14kg 1.80kg             331.36
Chloe Walker     J     2.09kg       0.72kg     324.50
Maka Paki Paki   1.08kg 2.34kg             322.33
Ian Quigley     1.96kg       0.74kg     318.40
Rosie Milham     1.93kg       0.75kg     317.20
Andy Searancke 1.97kg   2.70kg             311.12
Ethan Robinson  J 3.87kg   1.88kg             291.37
Stephen McNeill J 2.71kg   2.08kg             278.49
Caleb Avery    J 3.10kg   1.81kg             266.05
Paul Robinson 3.81kg           0.80kg     262.20
Lyn Bruce 1.41kg           1.15kg     256.83
Ben Richards 2.79kg   1.57kg             238.79
Karen Walker   1.07kg         0.66kg     233.52
Abel Sampson   J     2.51kg             226.30
Corban Oakes 2.54kg           0.77kg     225.08
Levi Walker     J 2.90kg           0.69kg     222.03
Brian Tannahill 1.99kg 1.59kg               221.92
Roy Frost 0.66kg 0.73kg         0.32kg     187.74
Rowan Bruce 1.16kg           0.75kg     187.05
Mike Kingi 5.75kg                 163.75
Elaine Tannahill 1.79kg 0.88kg               157.85
Jackson Stewart J             0.86kg     155.79
Tony Milham 4.98kg                 144.60
Brian Carr             0.77kg     142.21
Dennis Crow 1.42kg 0.77kg               139.95
Alex Pok           J             0.74kg     136.21
Donn Buchanan             0.73kg     134.95
Danny Bates             0.60kg     114.42
Murray Brown             0.59kg     113.47
Rob Walker   0.99kg               102.17
Nathan May 2.37kg                 79.30
Sophie Freyria   J 1.68kg                 62.05
George Davidson 1.53kg                 58.30
Dick Hollis 1.23kg                 50.80
Bill Soffe 1.00kg                 45.10


  1. Fishing season runs from the 1st of June through to the 31st of May every year.
  2. You must be a Full Financial Member of the Waitara Offshore Fishing Club to be eligible to enter fish into the points competition and be entitled to win one of the cash prizes.
  3. All fish must be caught on a rod and reel. (No nets, long lines or dropper lines) They must also comply with Ministry regulations.
  4. Points are awarded for fish in each species over the entire season. 
  5. Top weights for the program are set from club records, which are set at  320 points per species.
  6. We have a cap on points of 350 points per species, which means one fish can't win the competition. You need to collect all nine species to have a chance.
  7. If you weigh a heavier fish than previously, the points are adjusted for the new weight.
  8. To be eligible to weigh fish, boats must depart and return through the Waitara river mouth.
  9. All fish caught outside of Club Competitions can be weighed in with any of the Clubs weigh masters.
  10. All fish caught during Club Competitions will also be entered into the Points Competition.
  11. All fish must be weighed by a club weigh master on land, Any fish weighed and measured at sea, must be photographed and measured on a Ministry measuring sticker.
  12. Both photos must be printed and presented to a Club Weigh Master with proof of date and time.
  13. We are also running a seperate Points Competition for the Juniors, they fish for the same nine species as the Seniors.

Species Fished

  1. Snapper
  2. Trevally
  3. Kahawai
  4. Tarakihi
  5. Gurnard
  6. John Dory
  7. Blue Cod
  8. Tuna
  9. King Fish


Cash prizes totaling $1725!

  • 1st - $500
  • 2nd - $300
  • 3rd - $200
  • 4th - $175
  • 5th - $150
  • 6th - $125
  • 7th - $100
  • 8th - $75
  • 9th - $50
  • 10th - $50

All fish entered in the Open Competition also goes towards the trophies and prize giving.