Annual Points Comp

2019 - 2020 final results are under the Results page.

2020 - 2021

Proudly sponsored by 

Waitara Offshore Fishing Club

Angler Snapper Trevally  Kahawai  John Dory  Tarakihi  Blue Cod  Gurnard  Tuna  King Fish  Points


  1. Fishing season runs from the 1st of June through to the 31st of May every year.
  2. You must be a Full Financial Member of the Waitara Offshore Fishing Club to be eligible to enter fish into the points competition and be entitled to win one of the cash prizes.
  3. All fish must be caught on a rod and reel. (No nets, long lines or dropper lines) They must also comply with Ministry regulations.
  4. Points are awarded for the heaviest fish in each species over the entire season.
  5. If you weigh a heavier fish than previously, the points are adjusted for the new weight.
  6. To be eligible to weigh fish, boats must depart and return through the Waitara river mouth.
  7. All fish caught outside of Club Competitions can be weighed in with any of the Clubs weigh masters.
  8. All fish caught during Club Competitions will also be entered into the Points Competition.
  9. All fish must be weighed by a club weigh master on land, Any fish weighed and measured at sea, must be photographed and measured on a Ministry measuring sticker.
  10. Both photos must be printed and presented to a Club Weigh Master with proof of date and time
  11. We are also running a seprate Points Competition for the Juniors, they fish for the same nine species as the Seniors.

Species Fished

  1. Snapper
  2. Trevally
  3. Kahawai
  4. Tarakihi
  5. Gurnard
  6. John Dory
  7. Blue Cod
  8. Tuna
  9. King Fish


Cash prizes totalling $1725!

  • 1st - $500
  • 2nd - $300
  • 3rd - $200
  • 4th - $175
  • 5th - $150
  • 6th - $125
  • 7th - $100
  • 8th - $75
  • 9th - $50
  • 10th - $50

All fish entered in the Open Competition also goes towards the trophies and prize giving.