News from around the club.

Presidents Report 2020 - 2021

Presidents Report 2020 - 2021                                  Welcome to the 23rd AGM of the Waitara Offshore Fishing Club.                Our membership is 108 Seniors and 22 Juniors.

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North wall marker

Waitara river mouth / Wall marker. Hi guys, the Club has placed a bright fluro pink sign on the Northern wall of the river.

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John Dory Club record

Stephen Lumb with his 3. 57kg John Dory.            

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2020 2021 10.76kg King fish 8.89kg Snapper

Club Records keep falling

 Garry holding onto his Club Record 10. 76kg King Fish. (March 2021)

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Pot a Mate

Pot a MateHi everyone, the Club is always looking for more information to add to our website.

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50 years in the making

They say good things happen to people that wait, Colin's sticking to that story.

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Club Record Smashed

Terry Collins has weighed in a massive snapper, tipping the scales at 11.92 kg's (26.27 lb's).

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